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At WERCS we understand how to attract the type of

candidates that YOU are searching for...

Our tried and tested ethos is simple...

No generic job ads

We tailor each job

advert for each specific company 






No wasted paper

We assess and complete full checks on all CVs 






No time wasted 

We interview each 

candidate & 

judge suitability 







Always get the right person for the job

What makes us different?



We've worked in the roles

We've managed the roles

We've inteviewed for the roles


Unlike many recruiters our independent company has been created by people with years of business experience, people who have walked several miles in your shoes. We understand your needs and will take the time to listen to you and exceed your expectations.


Here at WERC’s there is a wealth of recruitment knowledge based on EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE. When we recruit for a role we call upon our experiences of working, managing and interviewing for specific positions. This is something that we believe sets us apart from other recruiters as we know, from first hand experience, just how important it is to be interviewing the right people and just how painful it can be when a recruiter doesn’t understand your needs.


We won’t send anyone to you that we haven’t interviewed ourselves and who we wouldn’t have employed ourselves. We understand that valuable working hours are lost every time you interview someone who is unsuitable for your company and your role. It is our job to get you the most suitable candidates each and every time you interview.




Contact us for further information or to send us a job vacancy that you need filled:

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