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WERCS understand how to find the employer

and role that suits you...

Our tried and tested

ethos is simple...

Understand You

Invest time into  learning about your experience and what you are looking for






Help you prepare

Help you prepare your CV, cover letter & interview skills






Be constructive 

Give you honest and detailed feedback






Keep you informed

Give you a clear and full explanation of the role and company you are applying to






Find you the right job 

What makes us different?



We've worked in the roles

We've managed the roles

We've inteviewed for the roles


At WERC's we only want you to apply and interview for jobs that you want.

We want you to succeed not just at the interview stage but in your career.


You're not going to be pushed towards a role that is unsuitable for you.

Contact us for further information, email us your CV and tell us the job you are interested in applying for:

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